Food Photography

All photos property of Tracey D. Hagan, taken with Canon 7D DSLR


  1. You’re photography is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I wish you could give me lessons!
    ~ Anna

    • You are just the sweetest thing! I really appreciate the compliment. I feel like I struggle with food photography, but I’m learning slowly. Practice, practice, practice, is what they all say!

      • Your photography is so lovely! I would love to have some of your pictures framed in my kitchen! Yes, I can understand about the practice! Oh do I have a funny photography story! Made a cake yesterday — it tasted good, but it wasn’t the most photogenic cake. In a great effort to make the cake look more “appealing”, I carried that cake outside for a variety of photo options. Oh dear .. I almost tripped on a tablecloth, had flies coming after the cake and it almost slipped off the plate several times! I was exhausted — then I ate most of the cake for comfort! Haha! 😉

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