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Saving Pasta: We Made a Video!

The Husband and I made a video and we couldn’t wait share it with you! We hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend!

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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog, Salty Sweet Life! My name is Tracey and nothing makes me happier than cooking for my friends and family. Food is my passion, whether I'm trying out a new restaurant, delving into a cookbook or mixing up a cocktail.


  1. Wow!! Terrific job – with the pasta and especially the video. Great smile!!

    Ive never been good woth making pasta, but it could be due to lack of patience… Hope to see more in te future!

  2. Tracey, you were made for being on that side of the camera, what a natural. Your husband did an amazing job with the soft focus and close-up work, the editing was incredible. The transitions were seamless, one would think that you had a whole production crew and at least two cameras.

    • Thank you Craig! Honestly I’ve never been very comfortable in front of the lens, but I’m working on my confidence! Your words are really encouraging! I thought Eric did an amazing job too! We hadn’t done video production in years so it was great for him to get behind the camera again! I’ll be sure to pass along your wonderful compliments!Thank you!

  3. Tracey, this is AWESOME! I love how you show how you fold it and slice it and toss it with flour — you make it look so effortless. I’ve forwarded this to my aunt in VT who has been on a pasta-making kick recently. We made it with the kids when I was there this winter, and it was so much fun, but I am going to try your technique next time. Love it!

  4. Michelle Morgando says

    Well, you are so amazing! Loved the video and the pasta looked perfect. Go go girlfriend!

  5. So happy to have found your blog! What a beautiful video and so inspiring! 🙂
    ~ Anna

  6. Tracey, we had the wonderful opportunity of making fresh pasta while vacationing in CA. last week! It turned out wonderfully — (my father-in-law and mother-in-law are both amazing cooks and gave us lessons at their home!)
    I’ve posted a few pictures on my blog, if you’d like to take a look.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration!
    ~ Anna

    • Anna I am so happy to hear that! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and that is so great that you were able to get hands-on instruction! I’ll hop on over to your blog right now to take a look! Thank you so much for sharing your pasta success with me!

      • Thank you so much, Tracey! It was so much fun making homemade pasta! My father-in-law loves to cook, and it is such a joy to cook with him! I hope you were able to find the pasta photos — they’re under “Blogging by the Bay” when you scroll down. 🙂

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