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Blueberry Mojito

I’m kind of a chronic over-purchaser of certain items, and the item varies from week to week.  This week, I overbought limes.  Every time I went to the grocery store (which is often) I bought 8 to 12 more limes.  I guess in my mind, a home without limes is just not the place to be!  So, in an effort to utilize all these limes, I decided to make mojitos!  Earlier this week, I had some friends over and made a pitcher of traditional mojitos.  They were good, but they just weren’t minty enough in my opinion.  So, I changed it up a bit and made this one with mint-infused simple syrup, and that seemed to correct that missing element.  I also added some frozen blueberries, because I had them on hand and it’s always great to be able to make a cocktail with ingredients at your fingertips!  Plus, it keeps me out of the grocery store, where I might buy more limes.  As an added bonus, the frozen blueberries help keep the drink cold!