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Raspberry Lemon Martini

How great is this cocktail?  It’s so great that you just might forget that there is any alcohol in it and maybe drink it way too fast and then wonder where you left your shoes!  I found the recipe for this Raspberry Lemon Martini on my friend Lori Rice’s blog during the week and I knew I had to make it immediately!  The color was bright and springy and I just happened to have come home that day with a carton of beautiful raspberries and a bag of lemons! It was serendipity!  It was so easy to prepare, so tasty and delicious, that I actually heard myself mumbling “yum, yum, yum” as I drank it!  I really did drink it too fast, but I was at home, so it was all good–I just couldn’t remember where I put my shoes… As with any cocktail, you’ll want to choose the freshest ingredients and use a good quality spirit.  I used Grey Goose for this one.  It comes together so quickly that you’ll be enjoying this one outside on your patio in …

Cucumber Basil Gin Martini

Last weekend, we had to make an emergency run to the liquor store to replenish our gin stash! I can’t believe we actually allowed ourselves to run out completely and I have to admit, I was a little panicked about it! Off we went to the store with the intent to replace our old standbys–Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Hendricks and Plymouth; but, what we left with was a new discovery: Citadelle Gin. Citadelle is a French Gin and like my favorite Hendrick’s, it is both floral and herbal and very smooth! The inspiration for this drink came from a sake-based cucumber-basil martini that I enjoyed just recently at a sushi restaurant. I didn’t have any sake at home, but I knew that the flavors would be perfect with the botanical notes in the Citadelle gin!  The weather is getting warmer, so you must put this drink in your spring and summer cocktail arsenal!  It is light, refreshing, herbaceous and so delicious! Perfect for a garden party!       Happy Weekend!

The Cesar Ritz Martini

It’s Friday and it’s cocktail time!  I was thumbing through one of our cocktail books this afternoon,  “The Modern Mixologist”, by Tony Abou-Ganim.  Normally what happens when I’m looking for cocktail inspiration, I come upon a drink that looks absolutely mouthwatering, but then I find that it requires me to either buy an exotic ingredient, or what happens more often, requires an infusion that takes one to two weeks to prepare.  So, you can imagine my excitement when the book fell open to reveal a cocktail that was not only easy to prepare, but included everything that I already had in my pantry and refrigerator. I made a small substitution–the recipe called for English cucumber and I only had a good, old-fashioned regular cucumber, but I think the only difference it made was the final presentation.  In short, it was tasty and refreshing and perfect for a Friday evening after a long work week. The drink is called the Cesar Ritz Martini and the author created it as a signature drink when he was working …